Cooperative Publications


We are a self-managed book space project that started in 2009 as an editorial initiative and gradually evolved into a self-managed community to promote a different culture and a different relationship with books. Cooperative Publications operate anti-hierarchically, without directors and directors, deciding - in the spirit of consensus - collectively.
Our publishing philosophy consists in the admittedly optimistic (and for some controversial) assumption that the book can not only be a commodity but primarily a social good and that the reader is not just a consumer but a book lover.
With love and diligence, we print books that we consider economically feasible, tasteful and remarkable (hopefully) so that everyone can have access to good books.
Beyond the publishing of books, our cooperative is also active in the field of distribution and sale of books. Our self-managed bookstore is already operating at 35 Eressou Street in Exarchia, where one can find books from small, alternative publishing houses that are not 'hosted' on the shelves of bigger bookstores. We have gathered a selected literature collection of rare books, as well as an offer section.
Kallidromiou 30, 11473, Athens