In the Beginning There Was Coffee 2020

From the coffee of the Zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico, about ten years ago, the first solidarity movements in Greece began to develop into ventures such as we at SynAllois.
From then, we are trying along with others initiatives throughout Europe, to import Zapatista coffee with fair and solidarity conditions.
A characteristic of fair trade products is that 60% of the order is prepaid to producers at harvest time so that they are not dependent on interest-bearing loans.
We are the sole distributer of Zapatista coffee in the country. Why is that important?
First, we buy directly from the producer. We are not speculating. Additionally, we are interested in how the product is produced - the ecological dimension and the working relationship.
Let's create better ways to enjoy coffee

In the Beginning There Was Coffee 2020
Syn Allois
SINGLE.CAMPAIGN.Begins: 16/6/2020
SINGLE.CAMPAIGN.Expires: 30/12/2020
In the Beginning There Was Coffee 2020



Supporting our efforts will allow you to get equal amount of our fair trade coffee products on our stores. These products are 100% Arabica Coffee on beans (for business) and on powder for filter and espresso coffee