Become Friends of Cooperative Publications!

This is the year we start the initiative of Friends of Cooperative Publications.
This concept is not our originality. We know that many alternative publishing houses throughout Europe have established this institution.
Friends of the Publications will bea valuable support in our efforts both at the financial level and at the level of contributing with suggestions, advice, ideas and so on. They are at the same time an important aid in the movement of our books.
We expect Friends of Publications, in addition to their assistance in the issue of trafficking, to open up new ways for our books to become more prominent and reach new places (hangouts, bookshops, provincial towns, etc.).
Friends staying outside of Athens will receive their books whenever they wish, by post (by postage charge).
Anyone interested in joining the program is kindly requested to support us until the end of March 2020.
Thank you in advance for your valuable help and support.
Now that we have become friends, take a stroll through our bookstore at 30 Kalidromiou Street, Exarchia. We will be very happy to talk and drink a cup of coffee!

Become Friends of Cooperative Publications!
Cooperative Publications
SINGLE.CAMPAIGN.Begins: 15/6/2020
SINGLE.CAMPAIGN.Expires: 31/12/2020
Become Friends of Cooperative Publications!



With an annual subscription of 80 euros, in a single installment, our friends will get a free copy of every new book coming out this year. <br>In addition to the free copy, they will be able to purchase our books at a 50% discount on the (catalog price).